The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

Our top 28 men’s wedding rings are the perfect symbol for your love. Each ring is handcrafted from eco-friendly precious metals and reflects your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

1) Black Rhodium Plated Black Diamond Men’s Wedding Band | 2) Edward Mirell Casted Black Wedding Band | 3) 14k Yellow Gold Cool Mens Ring | 4) White Gold Mens Diamond Wedding Ring Band | 5) Men’s 10K Yellow Gold Wedding Band | 6) Batman Dark Knight Super Hero Ring | 7) Black Rhodium Plated Black Diamond Men’s Wedding Band | 8) Mens Wide Rounded Claddagh Irish Wedding Ring Silver | 9) King Will 6MM Wedding Band For Men | 10) African Mahogany 7mm Comfort-Fit Matte Titanium Wedding Band | 11) 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Rings Set for him | 12) Three Keys Jewelry Wedding Ring Domed Mens | 13) 14k Two-Tone Diamond & Sapphire Men’s Wedding Band | 14) 10k Gold Cross Mens Diamond Wedding Ring | 15) Platinum Princess-cut Diamond Men’s Wedding Band Ring | 16) Tungsten Ring Inlaid with Koa Wood and Solid Turquoise Ring | 17) Platinum Anniversary Wedding Men Gents Band | 18) King Will CLASSIC 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring | 19) King Will EDGE 8mm Black Brushed Ring | 20) Silver Tungsten Carbide Skull And Roses Ring | 21) Dinosaur Bone, Gibeon Meteorite Sandblasted Titanium Ring | 22) Tungsten Wedding Band Tungsten Carbide Ring | 23) Authentic 10K White Gold Polished Hammered Band | 24) J.Goodman Sterling Silver and 10k Yellow Gold Ring | 25) Unisex 14k White Rose Yellow Gold Wedding Ring | 26) PALMALETTO Tungsten Carbide Ring | 27) Queenwish 6mm Tungsten Carbide Red Forest Camo Hunting Band | 28) Two Tone Sterling Silver Cool Mens Ring Sapphire |

Want to know how to choose wedding rings for men to suit your lifestyle and taste? Interested in which male wedding rings are the most popular with our customers? Here’s our ultimate guide to choosing a man’s wedding band to mark the occasion and commemorate your feelings.

Where Do I Begin?

Many guys have trouble finding their perfect wedding ring. Nowadays there’s just as much pressure for men to have a ring that expresses their character and style as there is on women. But this isn’t a bad thing.

Everybody has the right to treat themselves every now and again, especially with such an important piece of commemorative jewellery, blessed with happy memories and a constant happy reminder of the love and unity between yourself and your partner.

Many of the men who come to us for their wedding bands have no idea where to even begin. “How do I find out my ring size?”, “What kind of metal am I going to want?”, “Can men wear diamond rings?”. Well, fear not! At Orla James we’ve crafted this cool guide to answer all our questions, making that all-important purchase much easier and as enjoyable as it can be!

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

This is the best place to start. It’s always useful to have your size in mind when thinking about wedding rings. It saves you the stress of finding the perfect ring then having to find the right size afterwards or, even worse, just guessing and buying yourself a ring that doesn’t fit properly.

It’s best to measure your finger when you aren’t too hold or too cold. Heat can cause your fingers to swell up, and a chill makes your fingers a lot slimmer, which means you wouldn’t get an accurate reading. It’s also best to measure at the end of the day, as fingers tend to be a lot smaller in the morning.

If you find that you measure up between two sizes, it’s best to go for the bigger size just to guarantee that you’ll be comfortable, especially if you’re going for a wider band. If you go for a wider band in a bigger size, you’ll find that it fits much more comfortably. If you choose a wider band in the smaller size, you may find that it’s tight as it’s wider than average.

Once you’re happy with the size of your ring finger, there are a few other factors that you need to consider regarding the size and comfort of your wedding ring.

Which Ring Profile Should I Choose?

There are a variety of classic wedding ring profiles to choose from, and in all honesty this factor is just as important as knowing your ring size. Finding the perfect wedding ring profile ensures maximum comfort. So what are these ring profiles?

Classic Court

This type of ring is also known as a “court ring” or “traditional court ring”. It is the most common ring shape, alongside the D-Shaped ring. This profile differs greatly from D-Shaped ring in that it showcases a rounded interior to match the exterior. This creates an almost-rounded ring, which makes the profile the most comfortable available. These rings are also the most common shape that couples use to create matching sets.

Flat Rings

This profile is the polar opposite of the classic court, delivering both a flat interior and exterior. This ring isn’t as practical for those who work or lead active and hands-on lifestyles, as it isn’t streamlined like D-Shaped or Classic Court rings and can catch on clothing and machinery. That being said, its flat interior means that the entire surface of the band fits much more comfortably around the finger for some, but not all.

D-Shaped Rings

This ring is very much like the classic court, where the outer profile is very rounded. It features a much slimmer design with a flat interior, perfect for those of you who love the traditional shape of the classic court but prefer the close fitting flat profile. If that sounds good, a D-Shaped ring is probably the best choice for you! These rings are also ideal for practical guys with active hobbies, safer because of the streamlined design.

Flat Court

For something in between, you may want to consider a flat court ring. This profile showcases the exterior of a flat ring with the comfortable rounded interior of a classic court, and it’s very popular with men right now. This modern design takes into account the comforts of streamlined design, ensuring there’s far less bulk and prominence than classic court and flat rings. And it isn’t as thick as the flat profile style.