Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Explore New Metal Options

Rose gold engagement rings are becoming more popular with stylish women who love everything pink and feminine and who want something a little bit nontraditional when it comes to their wedding jewelry. Although rose gold engagement rings can be seen on more women’s hands, this metal has not appeared very often in matching wedding ring sets. Most men are not interested in having a pink ring. However, rose gold is often used together with white gold in jewelry and can thus match a simple white gold band for the groom.

What is Rose Gold?

High quality rose gold engagement rings and other jewelry is made out of 18 karat gold that includes approximately 4% silver and 21% copper, which gives the gold its unique pink tone. There is also 14 karat rose gold that has only about 50% gold in it. This metal has been in use since the 1800s when it was commonly referred to as Russian gold. Cartier gave its worldwide popularity and made jewelry that included rose gold engagement rings as well as other styles.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Come in Many Styles

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As mentioned above, some rose gold engagement rings start with a base of white gold and rose gold accents are added on top. These could be small leaves or petals, filigree shapes or a style that has one white and one rose gold band intertwined.

Rose gold engagement rings are also designed that have no other metal components at all. These can come in any style of any other engagement rings. Women who want pretty pink rose gold engagement rings may also like a pink diamond instead of the traditional white.