Wedding Tuxedos: The Hot Trends

Spring is on its way, and there has been love sizzling in the air, so before you get there, make sure you catch up on all the trends of wedding tuxedos. Wedding season is on it’s way, and as you are planning for your big day, now is the perfect time to ponder and decide on what the gentlemen will be earring on your wedding day.

Here are a few tips on what is trending this year, and cover some options for the big day.

Trending Tuxedo Colors

Blue Tuxedos. Like they say, blue is forever classic. Weather this is midnight blue, navy blue, or slate blue, this color for your wedding tuxedos will add a striking balance for everyone. Blue is one of the most popular trends of the season.

Grey Tuxedos. Do you remember when grey tuxedos hit the main scene? Neither do I, but they have, and they have been for a while now. Finding grey wedding tuxedos will add the perfect balance to a daytime wedding. The darker shades of grey, are still good for daytime, but blend well with weddings that take place during the night.

Wedding Tuxedo Styles

Something else to consider, is the style of your wedding tuxedos. There are many trending styles that you will be sure to find that suits the formality of your wedding.

Slim Fit Wedding Tuxedos. While the majority of tuxedos are a more modern fit, if you are slimmer in size, then you will be a perfect fit for the slim fit wedding tuxedos.

Lapel Variety Tuxedos. There are three different varieties in the lapel tuxedo styles. To simplify the Three; Notch lapels are for less formal weddings, Shawl collar tuxedos are very formal and have elegance, and Peak lapels are most traditional, and the most formal.

Weddings are very much like people. They come in variety of sizes and shapes, and unique in different ways. Finding the perfect wedding tuxedos to accompany the bride and groom is going to bring formal and elegant style to your perfect day.